About Scrapaneers

Hi, I'm Tiffany Tillman Emanuel and my digital scrapbooking obsession started in 2004 after my daughter turned one and I wanted to design my own baby book illustrating her first year of memories. I haven't stopped creating since!

Now I spend most of my time scrapbooking memories of my family and our ups and downs on this pretty blue dot. I love sharing my graphic design experience and background in graphic art with the digital scrapbooking community through my classes, videos, books, and tutorials. In addition, I offer a space for other crafty professionals to share their knowledge via events and guest workshops.  

Scrapbooking is LIFE and I am grateful I can do this as my job.

What is Digital Scrapbooking? 

We might call it scrapbooking now but memory documentation has been around since our human ancestors recorded pictures on cave walls. One might have called it cave-booking. Me want design cave book now! Thankfully, I haven't been around THAT long. I digress ...

Digital scrapbooking is simply documenting, chronicling, recording or journaling your memories and other things you want to remember using technology. You can use your computer or another device and ANY software, which allows you to add your photos and words. 

Want to Digital Scrapbook Too?

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Dude, I've spent the last 11 years of my life crafting classes which touch upon so many kinds of page-builds from the simple to complex and everything in between: Just check out my shop!

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Want to see my process? Check out my latest videos on my Youtube Channel.

Want to Know More?

In February 2021, I re-released my blog with new tutorials and tips. I also plan to write about how I turned my hobby into a business and how you can too! Look for it soon.