Frequent Questions

Payments & Student Accounts

I can't login to the new Shop Scrapaneers. What's wrong?

You'll need to create a new account. Your old Legacy account login at or Society account login will not work.

I purchased a class at another or older site. Can you help me find it?

Sure! You've probably purchased a class at the following locations:



Technical Questions

I completed my order but can't find my class downloads. Help!?

Your private downloads links are presented to you in two different places. First, in the confirmation page after your purchase is immediately completed. And second, via email from Shop Scrapaneers. If you do not see an email with your links, please check your Spam mailbox.


Can I visit your site or watch your class videos using my tablet or mobile phone?

Yes. Scrapaneer workshops are accessible on your mobile device via streaming or download. 

I am having trouble recreating a technique from your class. What should I do?

You should contact the instructor. Contact information is provided in every handout associated with each class. If you're unable to reach the instructor, Contact Us.

I'm stuck! Can you help me with a technique or layout that is NOT a part of your classes or events?

While I want to (and have even tried to) help out everyone in the past, sadly it got to a point where it took too much time away from building classes and content.